Rules and FAQ

Rules and Policies

  • All games will follow USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules
  • Minimum age to participate is 16 years old
  • Players on the original roster must play 1 league game to be eligible for Championship games
  • Dogs must be on leash
  • Leave no trace; clean up any trash
  • No Alcohol on the Fields

Format – Hat Tournament

  • 4 randomly chosen teams represented by each captain
  • Please bring a dark and white jersey (no gray, or light tan or light blue, etc)
  • 3 Games to 11, 40 Minutes each
  • **Draft order based on total points

Format – Regular Season

  • 4 Teams
  • Please bring the color of your team (subject to change on draft night: White, Black, Orange, Red, Blue, Green)
  • **2 Games per week to 11
  • **Offense dictates men:women ratio with a minimum 6:1 ratio
    • Example: if the other team has 3 women and you have 0 women, you must play a man down

Format – Championship Bracket/Finals

  • **Games to 15 for Bracket
  • **Games to 15 win by 2 hard cap at 19 for Finals, no time.

Guest Policy

  • Guests must pay a $5 entry fee and sign a waiver
  • A Maximum of 2 guests per team
  • Guests can play in up to 4 Regular Season Games
  • Guests are not eligible for Championship Games

Sub Pool Option

  • Players that are only going to be able to make 4 or less league games have the option to register in the sub pool.
  • Players in the sub pool will be allocated or drafted by the captains each week.
  • Players in the sub pool are not eligible for the Championship games.


  • Championship Winning Team MVP
  • **Subject to Change

Post Season Party

  • TBD


  • “Baggage” – this term refers to those wishing to play with someone else they know. Baggage will be limited to new and beginner players that will feel more comfortable playing with someone they know. Baggage can lead to unbalanced teams and undesired effects in the draft.
  • Jerseys
    • Custom 2018 SWVA Coed Ultimate Summer League jerseys will be offered this year for purchase separate from registration fee and available only in men’s sizing
    • Roanoke Ultimate pickup jerseys will be available in black or white only in men’s sizing
    • Basic orders will be handled during registration process; additional jerseys can be ordered please contact league administrators
    • Jerseys must be prepaid.
  • Costs – registration fee is covering field rental and insurance; other cities charge for example $63 for the same amount of games and include a disc and a tshirt (not a performance jersey). A disc and tshirt would add about $27 still brings us in about 50% cheaper. Other sports in the are cost upwards of $800 for a league.
  • Cap is at 90 players for 6 teams
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